RecordNow Pxengine

Even with this pxdrv.dll? That surprising.

yup … same for me too … in fact… when I install RN4.5 right after I install my 2510A … RN4.5 recognized my burner as 2510A alright…

but it just won’t like me select speed like 2X 4X or so… it only has Max Mid Min …

I wonder how to get thix fixed…


I see it doesn’t have the Benq 1600 in this update either.
Hopefully there will be an update for RN 7 pxengine and I can snag the dll.

A new pxdrv.dll is now posted in this new topic.

I could be wrong, but this may be down to your drives speed limit for writing to +RWdiscs. I know mine will only write at 2.4 speed maximum, even on 4x RW discs.

I have the same problem with my 2 Pioneer 107’s, I can however write at 4 speed with them using DVDDecrypter… :confused:

Where can i get the pxengine 507 updater

Good question :iagree: since Sonic has removed 507 and replaced with the newer update. I will have to find it. I have it here somewhere.

I still have it, 599kb.

I can try to mail it someone if they can host it! My stupid ISP has a problem that affects uploads so may take a few attempts to mail it if no one else has it!

Never mind, I found a link for it:

I am using a TMPGenc software and when I try to burn it is giving me the following error “The ordinal 3001 could not be located in the dynamic link library PX.dll”. Any idea?

TMPGenc uses the same pxengine as Sonic RN 7. You need the px.dll from the TMPGenc install or Sonic RN 7 install.