RecordNow Pxengine

I just found out that the lastest Sonic RecordNow DLX 7 installs pxengine That is quit a leap from the 507 thats posted in their updates section. I can’t remember but I believe the 507 was 1.6.xx.507. I’ve noticed that with this update RecordNow Max 4.5 and 4.6 will show newer burner’s burn technology such as “seamlesslink”. It wouldn’t show this before. The same applies to burners using newer firmwares. Before RN Max would show 7.9x as the burn speed, but now shows 8.0x.

Don’t know if anything is really better than 507.

I would post the needed dlls for this newer pxengine but its probably not legal.

What are the file names of the dlls and file dates?

I installed Sonic RecordNow DLX 7 and would like to backup the new pxengine dll files.


I have found that with this version of pxengine, RN doent recognize the Sony DRU 700 at all. I went back to 507 and its recognized. Wierd :confused:

I havent manage to run Sonic RecordNow Deluxe v7.0 at all. I installed it and reboot. After that I tryed to run it but it gives me empty error message box (see the attachment). I tryed several times install, reboot, unistall, reboot… but since I dont know whats the problem… no go. I’m using XP SP2 build 2055 LiteOn 851S DVDRW and LiteOn 32123S CDRW. Can you guys help?

Strange, I’ve never seen that behavior.

Really strange. I have to try on another XP machine, but I’m definitely waiting for update. Sonic RecordNow DLX 4.60 installs fine on my PC. But in v7 is something incompatible with my windows.

if i place the dll above in the old version of sonic will it then see my nec 2500 with dl firmware ?

Plus does any of you know how to make a copy other than on the fly using recordnow v7 ? . I know how to make an image etc but i want to beable to copy to hardrive and then to disk all in one go ? i cant seem to find this option in v7 ?


ps ive found the dll’s on my hardive which recordnow max 7 installed , what do i hav to do to make recordnow max 4.5 use um ? as it still doesnt see me drive ?


As I said, this pxengine does’nt seem to find a lot of drives for some reason. It probably best to just use 507 until they get there stuff together.

If you installed RN 7 it already replaced your old pxengine and RN 4.5 is now using the RN 7 pxengine.

I have recordnow max 4.5 and 7 on my computer and when I flash my nec2500 dvd burners to one of the dual layer firmwares only version 7 reconizes them.If both versions are using the same pxengine shouldnt both versions recognize them? The reason I’m still using version 4.5 is I want to use both burners at the same time,is there any way to burn two at the same time in version 7?I havent been able to find it if there is.

yep thats what im getting both versions on pc , but v7 only finds me nec2500 with dl firmware

Yea, I don’t know why It doesnt recognize it. I had the same issue when I flashed my Liteon 812 to the Sony 700 fw. It didn’t show up at all in RN4.5. It must be something on the end of RN4.5 thats not picking up from the new pxengine.

Ok, you can keep pxengine 507 and upgrade to the pxdrv.dll of RN 7.
This will give you updated drive info and all your drives will still appear in RN 4.5
Now you have real speeds to select for newer drives instead of Max, Mid, Min.

Replace your orginal 507 pxdrv.dll with this one. Keep a backup. No reboot needed.
I think its ok to post this? (36.8 KB)

Hi DMagic1:

My Sonic RecordNow recognize my DRU-700A now, so many thanks, but my PrimoDVD doesn´t. Could you tell me if there is a PX engine for PrimoDVD or is the same one or none?

Thank you for your help. Great forum guys.


I dont think so, Primo is pretty old. From what I hear even RecordNow 2.0 doesnt recognize newer burners with a pxegine upgrade, so I wouldn’t expect Primo to.

OK, Thank you. See around.


Dmagic1, I have a problem with Sonic RecordNow DX v4.61, it doesn’t recognise my Dual layer NEC drive but in v7.0 it does.

Even if I replace the dll with the one you posted the drive doesn’t show up in the program.

Is it because I also had v7.0 installed?

Do I need to remove the v7.0 pxEngine files, install pxEngine507 and then replace with the dll you posted?

How would I delete the v7 px files?

Take pxdrv.dll from your Windows/system32 folder. You want to put it back later.
Remove px.dll and pxmas.dll from the same folder. You can keep them somewhere else if you want to have them if you ever want them.
Now run the pxengine 507 updater. It will put the 507 versions of those files into your system32 folder. Now put the pxdrv.dll you took out earlier back into your system32 folder.

I have installed the lastest pxEngine and am using Verbatim DVD+RW 4x. I select 4x as the speed but it says that it will use 1x.

What could the problem be?

thanks for sharing that info , recordnow v7 is absolute rubbish compared to 4.60 etc


To bad that de NEC 2510A is not supported by RecordMax Now.
It recognises the drive but it is not possible to select a speed limit like 2x, 4x or 8x. Only max, mid and min.