RecordNow/Nero/PowerDVD curiousity

A curious thing is happening consistently now
between RecordNowMax 4.5, Nero 6, and
PowerDVD 4.0;

I start out by making a +RW DVD movie using
a standalone LITEON 5001. After that, I can
either copy it directly to a +R using a DVD burner,
or I can copy it to a harddrive and make a +R
copy later. If I make an instant copy, I use
RecordNowMax, and then I check it out using
PowerDVD. There are usually 22 or so chapters,
and PowerDVD has a “viewer” feature that lets
you see little thumbnails of all your chapters,
and it does this perfectly with the +R’s that
I burn using RecordNowMax.

However, if I don’t have the +RW anymore,
but I want to burn a +R from a DVD folder
on my harddrive (previoucly copied from
the +RW), then I use Nero 6 because
RecordNowMax doesn’t have an option
to copy a DVD folder from your harddrive.

Nero burns the copy just fine to a +R, and
my home DVD players play it just fine, BUT,

PowerDVD will not show ALL the chapters
using the “viewer” feature. It will show
between 7 or 12 chapters, and then,
PowerDVD gives an error message
indicating the disc might have errors.
If I don’t invoke the “viewer” feature,
PowerDVD plays the disc just fine.

The curous this is: Why does PowerDVD
have trouble with the NERO burned +R’s,
but not the RecordNowMax +R’s?

If RecordNowMax would let my select a
DVD folder as a source, that would be
ideal, but, Stomp is no longer supporting
it, so, that will never be.

Does anyone have any ideas why the Nero
burns are not as “perfect” as the RecordnowMax
burns, as far as PowerDVD goes?