RecordNow MAX questions

I’m running version 4.1, the latest version, I am getting emails complaining that I’m sending out TAO discs. At first I was extracting with EAC and burning with RecordNow MAX using the “new job-audio disc” menu option. I set job options to DAO, the screen is showing pregaps to 0:00 seconds long and yet somehow some discs were coming out TAO according to the emails I’m getting. I ditched EAC and went to copying a global image using Recordnow MAX and then burning an image disc. If the source disc is not TAO, the copied image disc should not be TAO as well, right?
I would consider using different software, but they all seem to be incompatible with my burner, it’s a HP USB external 4x. I don’t have the model number handy, but I’ve tried to burn with Nero, Feurio, and EAC with no success. I am satisfied with RecordNow MAX except that it seems to be burning TAO discs when I want DAO, I’m trading live music and most traders don’t want TAO.
If I go back to using EAC to extract, does RecordNow MAX recognize the cue sheet created by EAC?:confused:

Thanks in advance for any help.


If you are coping an entire disc, then the Disc to Disc copy would be the best option. Check “Make a temporary copy to the hard drive first”. This should automatically make a DAO copy.

Your burner is capable of DAO according to the specs at HP. Why it is not doing it if you are setting options to DAO - Closed is difficult to say.

You don’t need to extract using EAC unless the original is damaged or has audible defects. If you are making a custom compilation from different tracks, in New Job | Audio Disc you can use Add Audio Track to extract directly from the source CD. Be sure to select DAO - Closed in Options.

Thank you for that information. I didn’t know a disc-to-disc copy included the option of saving to the hard drive. I thought it was only an on-the-fly type thing which is not preferable for trading. Does that option save a permanent disc image so you can burn multiple copies?

You’re welcome. The disc to disc image file is temporary.

If you want a semi-permanent image file for multiple copies, use the Global Image option and burn from the image. This should produce a good DAO disc.