RecordNow Max and NEC 2500 problem

I got a problem with my NEC 2500 DVDRW and Recordnow MAx and many others softwares like NERO 6, CloneDVD, PrassiPrimo and others.

When i install the softwares, they dont recognized my DvdRW. I tried Flashing the firmware with a new version but nothing seen to work. Recordnow Max, says that theres is not DVDRw in the Ide Cable. Im trying to Copy PS2 games and Dvd Movies. CloneDvD seens to work but not verywell.

There is somebody that can help me!?..

I got a T308s Emachine Computer.
AMD Athlon XP 3000+
Windows XP
512 MB DDR
160 GB HDD
DVD+/-RW NEC 2500

I recently bought a new system and it had the same prob. Try using dvd shrink (using anydvd in background speeds this up by hiding encryption). Forget clone dvd it sucks!!! Make sure u save the file as a iso image on harddisk, then use dvd decrypt to write. * handy tip:- rather than have to verify your copy use the quick anaylse or open disk in shrink. It takes a 1 min. Clone dvd writes an error it only understands at bout 90% so it conflicts with other software and its compatability level sucks. rem most problems come from the disk you are using, I recommend RITEK dye check out nec page for list of compatible disks. y copy when u can download divx and convert to dvd quality vid wif neo dvd. y will see that this is all you need!