Recordnow max 4.5

Hi, I have tried the Recordnow max 4.5 software and think its pretty good.

Only trouble is when I try to purchase the programme on the website, it tells me it is temporarily unavailable! (It has been for a while)

Is it just me or is there something more suspicious going on?

anyone know another avenue to get the programme?


you dont have to pay for anything nowadays, you can just download from p2p programs such as bitorrent or winmx etc. they supply the serial code, everything.

Talk of warez is not allowed on these forums. :cop:

If everyone just pirated software, the developers would soon go out of business. As much as you may not like the prices for commercial software, that’s not an excuse. There are cheaper alternatives to many leading programs - not as nice, maybe, and with fewer features, but still legal, and you’re supporting the software companies.


I do agree, but unfortunetly I havn’t actually had an answer to the problem as regards the stomp website.

I have e-mailed them and had no reply.

I do think it is strange.

Has anyone got any idea if the software has been removed from the market?:confused: :confused: :iagree:

not all software companies make thier products for money, that is what its all about, creating things just so people can enjoy them, not so you can make a profit.
“We dont’t give a fuck about your world with all your global profits and all your jeweled pearls”- A.D.D. (American Dream Denial)
System of a Down

That was, I think, the point I made. If you want to use community supported, often open source and usually free (other than the cost of media and/or downloading) software, there’s loads out there. You can probably run perfectly well not buying any software these days.

However, the development of the software talked about in this thread is by a commercial company, who have commercial bills to pay. If you want a licensed copy of that software, you should buy it.

This is not making any judgment on the ongoing debate as to which model is better / more sustainable - open source or closed source, commercial software. In truth, I think there’s probably a place for both. Certainly today it’s up to the developers to decide how they release their software, not up to the end-user to decide on which terms (s)he’s going to use it!