RecordNow Max 4.5 - How to buy?



I’ve 8 days left on the software evaluation and chose to purchase the software from the nag link. Took me to but sorry, that page can not be found. Couldn’t find RecordNow anywhere on stompsoft web page.

How do I keep this software working?


Hmm look like AbandonWare to me :bigsmile:

Hmm Nah Google tell me this…

Too bad ! :eek:


You can get RecordNow 7 from

You can also try for used RNM 4.5 for sale.


Yes, but will 7 work with the new Pioneer DVR-109 burner (with or without the PX add-on that works so well with 4.5)? My current understanding is that it won’t.

Talked to Stomp and they say they sold all rights to the software to Sonic and can’t help. Talked with Sonic and they say -

Sorry, this is not possible. What’s worse is that you can’t even buy this program anymore. We really replaced with our program even though the two differ a lot with functionality and features.

I already have the program (demo of course) so don’t really need to buy anything from e-bay even if there were any available (my search came up with 0 hits). I’ve tried to do the right thing and pay for the use of this software until Nero (which I did pay for) and Pioneer work out their differences. The only option left is to use a crack on RecordNow Max 4.5.

I found a couple of cracks and downloaded one but wonder if anyone has a better option before I risk using it? (6 more days left on my demo.)


Well … RNM 4.5 … that’s the software that works … I have no other comments.