RecordNow Max 4.5 can't see NEC ND-3500a

:sad: :sad: :sad:

Sad day, looks like RecordNow max 4.5 can’t see my new NEC ND-3500a drive. I knew this sad day would come.

I have the latest PXE engine updates and such.

Like most others, I hate the interface with the RNM 7.x series of software.

Anybody found a good replacement for RNM except for Nero?

Try NTI CD & DVD Maker 6.7 (if you don’t want to try Sonic RN7). List of supported drives can be found here:
If your drive is not supported at the moment, it will be with the next update.

I too am dreading the day when I will no longer be able to use RNM 4.5. It’s been a great program for me. For some odd reason my PCs have never gotten along well with Nero so it was a real treat to find a good burning program that got along well with my machines. I have a Pioneer 105 ATM. I hope it lasts a while longer. :wink:

The 3500a is a dual-layer burner. If you use the newest PX engine update, chances are that your drive will no longer be recognized. Uninstall RecordNow, reinstall, and find someone to supply you with the pxengine507 version, it should work fine.

Bucknasty - do not despair!

I’ve just installed a NEC 3500AG - slotted it in an external USB2 enclosure.
First thing I did was to update the FW (see my sig)
Second thing was to search the forums with “recordnow” as the key word.
To save you the bother… go Here… Even shows the speed not the poxy max - mid - min.
:bow: :bow: Thanks to DMagic1, the Chickenman et al. :bow: :bow:


i dropped the dll into my windows/system32 directory (after renaming the old one) but i still get the message my nd-3500ag is not recognized. is there a process i need to follow, such as reinstalling recordnow max 4.50?