RecordNow! ERROR Please HELP!

Hello All,

Everytime that I try to Make an exact copy of a music CD using RecordNow! i get the following error:

“There was a problem writing to the disc. You Can try again by clicking the Retry Button. You will need another black disc ready.”

When I click on the Explain button:

Recording error
Recording errors often occur when the media contains dirt, fingerprints, or scratches.

If you are getting recording errors:

Try using a new disc.
Try using a different manufacturer’s disc.
Ensure the disc is clean before recording:
Remove all fingerprints, dirt, and dust from the shiny side of your disc using a nonabrasive cloth with a mild, nonabrasive soap solution.
Wipe the disc from the center to the edge.
Dry the disc completely.

And when I click on Advanced:

Sense: 03 ASC: 73 ASCQ: 03 (Command 2A)


the weird part is that when I try to copy data files I have no problems…

any suggestions?