Recordnow DX shows 2 Drives as same model?

Hi all

I’ve been using recordnow dx for while now with no prob but after a format and reinstall of recordnow dx its showing both of my dvdr burners as one make i.e I have a pioneer 106 and liton 811 but it is listing both as the Liton 811…any ideas please



Something of a wild guess (not least because I don’t personally use that software) - if this program uses ASPI, it could be an ASPI problem.

I have seen fairly similar odd results using Nero’s ASPI with Active SMART SCSI.


thanx for the reply

Updated the ASPI to

ASPI32.SYS ver 4.71.1
WOWPOST.EXE ver 4.6(1021)
WINASPI.DLL ver 4.6(1021)
WNASPI32.DLL ver 4.71.1

But didn’t do anything I uninstalled Recordnow DX and reinstalled it after doing the ASPI’s but still showing 2 LITON drives…

Any more ideas?

Updating to the newest version of RecordNow seems to fix some bugs. Hopefully your will be one of them :smiley:

Question, do the drives show up different in device manager?