RecordNow DX - It doesn't recognize my blank discs

I’ve been using RecordNow DX 4.60 for the last half year, without any problems until now. I have a LiteOn 411S with FSOF firmware.

Today, RecordNow stopped recognizing my blank discs (both DVD-R and CD-R). It’s never done this before and I haven’t changed anything recently on my computer. It keeps asking me to insert blank media, even when I do precisely that. Strange thing is, I just tried a DVD+RW for a “test” record session. I got an error message saying that the drive “does not support this function” So I tried to just do a “record” instead of “test”, and it works. But only with DVD+RW though. Not the DVD-R or DVD+R. It won’t recognize those. I tried using DVD Decrypter to burn an image onto DVD-R, and that works fine. After that, I’m really confused as to what’s going on with RecordNow. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it several times, and nothing works. It keeps ignoring my blank discs. I like using RecordNow and hope I can fix this problem. The burns have given me the lowest error scans on KProbe.

Any ideas?