RecordNow DX 4.61, CD-RW not compatible error?

Having used this prog for a few months now, it’s started refusing to write to all my CD-RW discs I have?

I’ve had no problems previously with Infiniti 80min 10x, Ricoh 74min 10x and Traxdata 80 min 10x with this program, but now all of a sudden it keeps telling me the CD-RW is not compatible with my recorder? ASPI 4.60 is installed correctly according to ASPICHKECK.

I’ve not installed any new recording software and can sucessfully use Plextools Pro v2.09 to make an ISO image and burn it to my CD-RW’s, but I can’t with RecordNow DX?

I’ve uninstalled the program and deleted the PX Engine files manually, then reinstalled and still have the same problem! So I downloaded the latest PX Engine update from Sonics site, pxEngine507.exe, and that has not cured the problem? CD-R’s are burning fine though.

I use WinXP with all the critical updates/Service Packs installed, a Plextor 12/10/32S f/w 1.06 burner, 256mb RAM and a Seagate Barracuda 120GB Hard Drive for storage.

Anyone know what’s causing this problem please?