Recordnow DX 4.5 mistook one reader for the other

I have 2 Pioneer DVR109 and 2 Liteon 16x DVDROM. All 4 drives are Master in its jumper setting. The DVR109 are connected to 2 IDE ports on my motherboard, the DVD readers are connected to 2 IDE ports on a PCI IDE adapter card. I’m using Recordnow DX 4.5 with the hacked pxengine files (PX507). The software recognizes all my drives and both writers work well but it only controls 1 of the reader. It found 2 readers but both point to the same drive (H drive), I guess it’s because both have the same name, host and id number. I’ve included some pictures. Other software like Nero and Alcohol 120% was able to distinguish between the 2 identical DVD readers. My solution is to switch the IDE cable connections of 1 reader and 1 writer, I’m not sure if this will work, so I’ll wait for inputs.

I just install Prassi ONES 2.0.300 and it has the same problem, it found 2 DVD readers but both point to the same drive, H. It also crashes when I try to make a CD/DVD copy. Data Mastering works fine however.

Problem is solved by making one of the DVD reader a slave. I guess the problem is that not all software can read ATAPI devices from a PCI IDE adaptor card correctly.