RecordNow Deluxe 7.21 crashes! Help!

Hi. I have a copy of Sonic RecordNow Deluxe 7.21. I installed it with the latest PXEngine update on my system with a lite-on burner. Whenever I try to start the program, it causes a blue screen with this message:


My system is Via KT-266 based with Athlon XP 2800+ and 512MB RAM running Windows XP SP2 (installed fresh from a slipstreamed disc).

Sonic support is of no help. Can someone help me?

Try this link , it may help.

Alternatively do a Google search - you’ll get quite a few results, one of which may help.

Don’t know what you are want to do with it, but CDBurnerXP and DeepBurner are both free and work quite well for basic burning tasks.

I empathize with you, as Sonic Record Now Deluxe came with my external burner and I had nothing but problems with it, as an example when I went to do a burn it would come up with a silly message " a component required with this program Windows Media Player is not installed on your computer."

And the program was there. I had the Medial Player 10 installed and then I got a suggestion that maybe the Sonic Record Now Deluxe may only recognize Media Player 9 so I went to Add/Remove and uninstalled Windows Media Player 10 and by default it goes back to Windows Media Player 9 and that still did not help. The silly message still kept coming up.

In all frustration I just got rid of the program and got Nero, but as the earlier poster stated there are a lot of free programs as well out there; it depends on what you want to do.

For me Nero fit what I wanted to do thus I bought it.

Good luck in your pursuit!!!

Well, as longas the WMP10 problem is concerned, Sonic has a patch for that. I like Sonic because it can burn really long file names on to DVDs and CDs. Can Nero do that? What is the maximum file name length that Nero allows on a Dual-Layer DVD-R? Thanks