RecordNow Blue Screen on XP

Not asking for help here. Just going to complain to whoever wants to read it. Call this a review if you wish.

I am evaluating different programs for my burning needs and saw that some people liked Sonic RecordNow.

Downloaded it and installed it. It required that I reboot XP. Did so.

On trying to start up RecordNow, I immediately got a blue screen. Restarted and tried to run it again. Blue screen.

Glad I didn’t pay for it.

Uninstalled and gave up. Not going to agonize over tracking down a blue screen on a program that I don’t even know if I like.

Goodbye Sonic, no money from me.




ImgBurn does not have the #1 feature that I want.

That is to burn multiple disks simultaneously.

Going to try Nero 8 and Padus Disk Juggler next.

Just open Imgburn more than once = multiple burns


In the imgburn forum, there was a post of someone trying to do this and the burn sessions were queued and still burned sequentially, not simultaneously.

Can you confirm this or not?