RecordNow 4.6 suddenly won't recognize drive

Hi Guys,

I’m posting this as a new thread because I could not find the appropriate thread to append to. Please move this posting as necessary.

I had the same problem as a lot of other people: RecordNow 4.6 suddenly stopped recognizing my DVD-R drive for no apparent reason. This happened on two different machines that I use. After doing much searching, I found this forum and the new PX.DLL and PXEngine files. Those solved my problem (and gave me more record speed selections!). But the question remained “why did it suddenly stop seeing the drive?”, XP could still read from the drive. In one thread someone mentioned WinAmp as a possible cause. I had recently installed WinAmp on both machines with the problem. After applying the fix found on this forum, now WinAmp throws an error to do with “PX.DLL” which was changed with the fix. WinAmp can stay broken for all I care… it appears to have been the culprit. Maybe someone with more time and energy can check this out?

Thanks for the help!


Seems that you need another updated PXEngine file. :frowning:

I have installed 507 I believe. Is there a newer one?


Try these might help: