RecordNow 4.6 Speed Selection

I’m using Veritas RecordNow 4.6.
The problem is when i want to select writing speed i get only
max,mid,min options and not (x2,x4,x6 … etc).
So when i’m burning a dvd, even if i choose min, it still burns x4 and not x2 as it should be. Is there any option i could set that will allow me to select the actual writing speed and not the max,mid,min option ?
I’m attaching a pic of the problem.

Using nec 2500a with 1.07b7 firmware from harrie.
In nero i can select x2,x4,x6 … etc speed.

Hi Dimskom

I 2 R Havin’ The Same Problem With :

Sonic RecordNow DX, Version 4.61
Using NEC 2500a 1.07b7 Firmware From Herrie.

I Have A SOHW-812S As Well And With Sonic RecordNow DX, Version 4.61 I Can Selected x2,x4,x8 Speeds … etc

But Not With The NEC 2500a 1.07b7.

I’ve Only Had This Problem Since Using 1.07b7 Firmware.
So It Must B Related 2 Herrie 1.07b7 Firmware.

I Will Ask Herrie If This Is 1.07b7 Related.
On His NEC 2500A Bitsetting firmware (Beta 7) Post: