Recordings deleted from DVD+RW disc

I own a Lite-On LVW 5045 DVD player. I’ve been recording footage to a DVD+RW disc for a while now, and all of a sudden, with apparently no explanation all the files are gone. The disk appears to work perfectly fine, but it’s empty. I never erased any of them, and all the files were protected from being erased. How could this have happened? Does anybody know anyway to get them back? I’ve tried various DVD recovery programs, some have found deleted files, but none of these appear to be the actual video footage that was on the disc originally. Could this be a firmware issue, I recently upgraded to 204UK, however I’m pretty sure the disc was working after this upgrade.

Try Isobuster and welcome to CDF

If you do a search on CD or DVD [U]RW [/U] media, you are likely to find that users experience significant headaches, feel that the media is undependable and will steer others away from it.

Buy quality media such as Verbatim in +R or - R format. You will reduce your problems.

Thanks for the reply. I have tried a trial version of Isobuster already and it found some deleted files, but nothing that looked like my videos.

I need to use RWs, as I add to the DVDs weekly, unless I can do this with +R and -R before finalizing them? Although I’m sure I’ve tried that before and the files disappear sometimes.

Do you have any idea if the problem was with the player or the discs? From the sounds of it you think the discs, I would have thought the player, as I’ve never had a problem with the RWs before.