I have two mics. Actually they are two interconnected binaural mics which can be connected to the laptop directly. (they look like a splitter for a stereo headset, where the two ends will hold mics.) I need to record my voice using the two mics at once. I need to get a time delay between the recorded wav files. I am able to record them, but I am getting no time delay.
Could someone please help me with this? Do I need extra hardware? (like an extra soundcard or something)

Thanks in advance


Hi Emma and welcome to the forums. :flower:

I’m not into audio editing but why not record your voice just the once then add the same recording as another track with whatever time delay you wish to introduce.




you might have a look at the tutorials from the audacity project:



Following Wombler’s thinking on this record both tracks & time delay one.
Audacity may be able to do this I’ve never tried.