Recording with the lvw1101hc1

I have been trying unsuccessfully to record with the liteon lvw 1101hc1 dvd recorder. I’ve tried memorex and staples dvd+r, but niether of them will allow me to record. Is there a particular brand of dvd+r that works? Also, I have tried to upgrade the firmware with no success. What exactly does that do, and where can I get a version that will actually work?

Thanks for your help.

Try DVD+RW media. I don’t have your maqchine but see first if the +RW media will record this way nothing wasted. If the +RW records then you might (most likely) need a firmware update. The instructions for how to do the firmware update is on Lite-On site. When you download the update to your computer it is a zip file. You have to unzip it and burn it to a BLANK CD-R. I used Nero. Follow the directions from the Lite-On site. Come back and let us know how you make out.

What country are you located in? I forgot to ask.