Recording with IDE PCI card

Just for test propose I took LG 52x24x52 and burn 600mb+ (48 TDK Reitek media)

The results where: 2.5min when using the onboard IDE controler (ASUS P4PE)

And what a sorprise (to me…) 5 (five!!!) minutes when using Brand new Promise PCI ATA 100 card

THE Qustion is W-H-Y???

ANd of course how to optimise burning with PCI controlers???

(CDRW was master and single in both tests)

You generally cannot run optical drives on PCI cards, especially Promise cards. they lock the drive in PIO mode, even though they are reported in UDMA. There are a number of threads on this topic where some cards are mentioned that will run opticals.
but your best all-round perfromance will come from moving your HD’s to the controller and keeping opticals on IDE