Recording with Hauppauge WinTV

I have my VCR hooked up to my TV adapter to convert old VHS tapes into DVDs. When using WinTV to record from the VCR I can confirm the output signal is being processed accurately since I can watch the video on my computer screen but when I view the recording I only hear audio with a black screen. Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome to the forum. I’m assuming you’re using one of the Hauppauge PVR units (hardware MPEG2 encoder). Try playing the video back in VLC media player (free). If it plays ok there you may have to re-install your capture card software and WinTV. You might also try the Hauppauge ‘Primary’ program and select ‘Force Primary’.

Your quick reply is appreciated.

I ran the Primary program and used all of the possible options, nothing positive changed. I removed the card and ran a full HWClear for the drivers and re-installed it physically and updated all the drivers. Still nothing changed.

I tried recording another segment and again, though I could watch the video on WinTV it didn’t play back with Windows Media Player or Quicktime but I noticed the file had a thumbnail depicting part of what I recorded. I opened it with Goggle’s Picasa and the piece played back fine. Is there something like a CODEC needed for WMP?

My final question is this- when I do burn these files to disc (likely using the Corel DVD authoring software) can I be certain they will play in a standalone DVD player?

Instead of burning to disk iirc (I don’t use the uLead that came with mine) there should be an option for ‘Create Image’ or some such. That builds the DVD to your hard disk. Do that, preview it in VLC and if all’s well then burn it with ImgBurn.