Recording voice to cd

Newbie question: I am new to cd recording and would like to record spoken voice to cd. Can anyone offer any basic advice or specific applications to do this. I have a computer microphone.
I am using Windows XP have Nero Burning Rom installed.
Thanks in advance.

Very basic: use windows own recorder (Start->Run->type “%SystemRoot%\System32\sndrec32.exe” without quotes), but that one is very limited. It will only record 60 seconds at once and save it in wav format.
Then just burn the wavs with Nero (or convert them to mp3 and then burn).

If you don’t like Windows recorder (which is understandable :)), there are many other programs that can record audio, you could try a search at Google or

Nero contains Wave Editor which can record the output of your sound card. you can then edit the recording, adjust volume, etc. and save the wave file to burn later.

I did a search as was suggested and found a small program called “RIP Vinyl” which I think will work. It records from various sources including cassett tape and microphone and breaks it into “tracks” which can be saved as wave files and burned to cd.
Thanks for the replies.

Nero already does all these things…

There are some burning programs that have built in features for directly recording voice (or music) tracks from a microphone input to a CD without intermediate steps.

These programs include Stomp RecordNow MAX (DJ Burn), and NTI CD-Maker Pro (Live Audio).

I am pretty new to Nero and in spite of its scant documentation I will try it out- as well as the other programs mentioned and see which works best for my needs. Thanks to all for the replies.

Dude, if you’re into burning CD’s then Nero is a must! :smiley: