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Where can I find simple instructions for recording my voice onto a CD using Nero, which I have installed on my PC. I want to make a CD of family history for my grandchildren. I have a microphone that works and that is installed, and have made a test recording using Aucacity. I want to record using Nero, if that is possible.

You all seem brilliant to me - am astounded that you understand this technology, and happy for you that you seem to enjoy it so. Any assistance you can give to me toward the successful archiving of family lore to CD will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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You could use Nero Soundtrax or waveeditor too, I think.

If you wanna achieve a CDDA/AudioCD then record with 16bit, WAVE, 44100 Hz stereo.


Chef is correct. I would record first to your hard drive for editing and when you are satisfied to the cd.


How do you record to hard drive?:confused:


Create a folder on the hard drive lets call it history.
Then with the microphone connected and the software running select ‘history’ as the target folder.
Select the microphone as the source and start recording.
Make a few tests first to set the sound level and play the recording back so that you get the feel of what the final cd will sound like.


Sorry…I am VERY uneducated about computers. How do I “create a folder”?


Hi,[quote=SNeedham;2092976]Sorry…I am VERY uneducated about computers. How do I “create a folder”?[/quote]Assuming you are running a flavour of Windows, please start with the built-in help. On some installations, there are even interactive learning lessons available on the harddisk.



[QUOTE=SNeedham;2092976]Sorry…I am VERY uneducated about computers. How do I “create a folder”?[/QUOTE]

Oh dear,
May I suggest that you book yourself into a local course instructing you on how to use your computer and software.
If there are no local schools or colleges offering this type of course speak to a family member or friend who will teach you the basics.