Recording Video/Audio Sync

My goal overall is to record a video while playing guitar so it can be posted on youtube. I’ve tried to use digital camera but the the audio has static due to the cheap digital camera mic. I was going to buy a condenser mic to solve the static problem and a M-Audio Fast Track guitar / mic recording interface so I can put the crisp audio on my pc.
In order to have video I would still have to use my digital camera to make the video, but I don’t know how I would cut out the crappy static audio from the video and put in the new (condenser mic) audio into the video. Is there a program I could download to sync the audio from the condenser mic and recording interface to the video from my digital camera?

Any help would be appreciated.


Pretty simple. In the editing software, you delete the existing audio, and bring in the new audio and sync it with the timeline

the easiest way for me to do this is to demux the audio from the video file (VD in direct stream mode), then use a multi-track audio editing app like Audacity, CEP, Goldwave, etc, and use the video audio as the guide for your secondary audio. For me it’s easier using an audio app since they do a better job of zooming in on the audio file so you can see the peaks and “beat” so it’s easier to sync up. Just pick a place at the start of the video audio, and find the same spot on the second audio. Then just select the same start and end point as your video audio on the secondary audio, and export/save to a new file. Then just place back in your timeline (or remux with the original video with VD using Direct Stream Copy choosing wav audio).