Recording VHS Video



Before anyone ask’s - I tried to put in the brand of my DVR but Bush is not in the drop down list. Quite right to I hear you say! - Well it cost me £5.00, so I can’t complain.

Anyway, hardware is Sony DVD Video Player combi Model SLV-D950G/I and a Bush DVD Recorder Model DVR3006.

Being Christmas, the kids Nanny has lent them a particular video to watch (it’s like a tradition - they watch it every year at Christmas, this being about the 10th year). This video is getting fairly old and it’s not the sort of thing you could probably find easily on DVD, so I thought I would have a go at backing it up onto DVD. Never done this before and wouldn’t normally bother but due to the ‘tradition’ I gave it a go.

Sony video player connected to Bush DVD Recorder via 21 pin scart. I would say at this stage that both units work fine carrying out their respective functions.
Set Bush DVD Recorder to record via scart input and away it went. Pressed play on the video thinking that would be it for the next hour and the DVD recorder stopped recording. Funny I thought so I pressed stop on the video and the DVD Recorder started to record again (albeit no video signal to record).

Has anyone ever had an issue like this. I thought that the scart handshake was working in reverse but after trying a normal blank video that used to be used for recording off the tv it would seem the DVD Recorder knows the video signal is coming from a pre-bought video, which I am guessing I shouldn’t be recording.

Is there any way of getting over this without getting flamed for copying something that it would seem I shouldn’t.