Recording VHS (home movies) to DVD

Hello all. I just purchased (on ebay) a LVW-5007 Lite-on recorder and it seems to be in store bought condition. After setting the player up, I decided to record my home VHS movies (that is the main reason for the purchase) to DVD. It didn’t take me very long to figure out the menu and so I proceded with the recording. It was recording fine for about 5 minutes when all of a sudden a message came up at the top of the screen. It said "PROTECTED CONTENT’ and the player stopped the recording. This happened each time I tried to record. I tried recording with another VHS tape and the same thing happened with it. How can this be? Why is my new LVW-5007 Lite-on recorder thinking that these tapes are protected? I also tried recording from a tv show and it seemed to work perfectly for quite a while. If anyone has had this problem, could you please tell me what I can do to solve this problem? TIA

“…my home vhs movies…” Are you referring to commercial movies or those you’ve recorded with a camcorder? I have the 5007 and transferred all my camcorder tapes and vhs home made tapes to DVD. Just finished with the last ones yesterday. The unit won’t record commercial vhs movies that are copy protected.

It could be the quality of the vhs. You might have to use a TBC/videostabilizer

Start playing the movie on the vcr and as soon as it pass the fbi warning and just before the actual movie start then press recording button and you should be fine.