Recording Underground signing off for ever

I just posted the article Recording Underground signing off for ever….

Yves used our newssubmit to tell us:

Well freaks, there it goes…

Recording Underground will be leaving the scene. Fundings are gone, and the driving spirit behind the site will be leaving…

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You’ve been doing great job for us. R.I.P. :c

You guyz had such a great site… You will be missed and hopefully someone else can host the site for you so you can still have the site up… Thanks again for many months of hard work and dedication!

What’s the CDR Scene without RU? And without Yves? Man… When my site only reached 50 visitors, I was already peeking at RU’s stats… 3000+. My site (CDRWarez) grew, but RU also expanded. Now the moment has come, to say goodbye… :c I’ll miss ya Yves! -DiViDeZeRo-

“Fundings are gone…” Oh how very sorry that people wont pay you anymore. sad sad! :r

This is a great loss! :c In my humble opinion, RU was ‘The BEST’ site on the net for CDR/RW goodz. I am very saddened by the news of RU closing shop. Thank goodness we still have some alternatives like DiViDeZeRo, which is another fantastic site. Yves -SLC-, may you live long and prosper in whatever other endeavor you decide to untake.

Just wanted to say: Thank you for all the work you did for us! Your site was one of the best and one of the fastest when it came to new info. I wish you luck in the future! Regards, G@M3FR3@K

Bummer Dudz. The best CD warez site bites the dust. I want to thank RU for all their time and effort… it was a good ride! Thanks again :wink: