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Recording Underground is off-line. Various problems have forced us to take down the website. We’ve set up a page that explains all things more…

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And that’s another great site down the toilet…Dividezero, CDRSoft and now Recording Underground…what’s next…CDFREAKS?..AHHHHHH


um, cdrsoft is back up and running…for a few days now, actually.


dammit that was a geat site : and on their explanation they said no more cdr software… oh well i guess we will just have to hope that cdrsoft updates soon…


ehhmm blackwatch, CDRSoft is running…BUT DID YOU SEE ANY UPDATES!!..NO FUCKING THING

So that one is pretty useless too…


What can we do now? :frowning:


Simply put, you open up another website somewhere different… This day an age people are beggin for you to use there web space… Those fucks can keep taking the sites down, but they can still keep coming back up somewhere else… and they should post the new sitez here at CDFreakz so we can vist them…

Just a thought…


Well Well, hmm I have lots of spare time to produce a site where you can d/l cdrsoft OK. Updates no prob! Let me know and I will sort something out in a private server OK.


Anyone give a link to a place where we can get updates on a regular basis?



cdrsoft has now been updated!!


Recording Underground is back online !


Well I guess it has not been updated since it was down. Damn !


Anyone know of a site much like Recording Underground please???