Recording under xp

hi got a big problem making any backups using xp i get loads of hissing and cracles in the background i know its not the pc as every thing is perfect using windows me ive changed my soundcard thinking it may be that but still the same and also tryed numerous software titles ie ner0,stomp and even the built in recorder any help would be great thanks

u’re trying to backup an audio cd? if so, try ripping the tracks with Exact Audio Copy first before burning them. u should probably also consider the use of punctuations to make ur text more readable.

is there any reason u would know of for myself only getting this problem when using xp?

can no one help me on this as its relly buggin me .plus ive ran out of mugs to put on all my coasters lol

It is hard to understand what your exactly needing. Have you tried different software to make your music ? also have you updated your sound drivers ? kinda confused on what is happening if you can be more specific it might help. Also have you update your IDE drivers ?


yeah, it’s pretty hard to understand exactly what u’re trying to do, especially when u ignore my question, heh.

Huh ? did someone say something …i thought i heard something lol … yes it is AZ dont know why that happens. :wink:

just playing


sorry not got back earlier been working ive tried different software for recording but still this crackling noise but have noticed its all coming from the left speaker updated my drivers not sure what to search for as in the ide.its just strange how its perfect using windows me & me