Recording two tracks using a laptop

I would like to record two tracks using my laptop microphone jack. I followed some suggestions I read from the web and bought a stereo to 2 mono splitter Y cable. I plugged in two Skype microphones into the two F mono 1/8 sockets. It did not work — I got no signal what-so-ever. I then went back to Radio Shack and figured it could be the problem with the two F mono socket, and bought two stereo 1/8-jack to 1/8 mono adapter. I brought a Dell laptop with me. It worked (one of the mic was a mono mic, another was a Skype mic).

However, when I got home and tried it on a Lenovo tablet PC, nothing worked. I got no signal, regardless of the combination I tried. So I went back to the Dell. Now, only one of the splitter sockets seemed to work.

What could be the problem? Is it possible that after the splitting the Lenovo does not get enough power to power the mics? Could it be the sound card?



While I haven´t tried this, I wonder if you should test a couple of other microphones…with their own power supplies (i.e. a battery in each).

What software are you using…Audacity, or similar?

Do you need the recording to be stereo?