Recording tv program on vcr

Does anyone know why recording is such a big deal these days? In the 1980’s you could record a program on your vcr by setting the timer and watch another channel. You can set the timer now, but you must keep the channel on that you want to record. If you are not home and the channel is not on what you want to record, the timer will activated, but will record the channel that the tv is set on. Can anyone tell me why cable tv has regressed?

VCRs are outdated technology and have only a single analogue tuner, so that the only way to record digital broadcasts is to record the output from a digital tuner, and hence is limited to the currently viewed channel.

You can record multiple channels at once, but you must have a tuner for each channel that you want to record or watch simultaneuosly. This requires a modern PVR such as Humax PVR9200T.

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