Recording too fast


Although I can play audio cd’s without any problem on my pc, when I record them they speed up and result in a pinky and perky style sound effect. I’ve tried looking at my recording options in the Sounds and Multimedia area of the control panel (windows 2000) but can’t see any options ( using AC’97 soundcard.) This problem occurs using Windows Media Player, Realplayer and iTunes so presumably it’s a operating system issue.

Any advice gratefully received.

Gut feeling is that you’re taking a 44.1khz PCM and resampling it to 48khz. CDA is normally 44.1khz… check the sampling rate of your final WAV to see that it hasn’t been changed to 48khz during your “recording” process.

Thanks for the quick response tropic, no the sampling rate was OK.

I think I’ve managed to fix it and it was a soundcard issue. I had assumed that since the playback was fine that this wouldn’t be the source of the problem. However I was advised to update my soundcard to a SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio driver, and the problem appears to have resolved itself.

Hope this is of help to anyone else with the same problem.

Haha, glad you sorted it.