Recording to VHS (mpegs don't play)

I have my computer set up to where I can record what is on my (pc) monitor onto a vhs tape with an All in Wonder Graphics Card. I am recording a slideshow through PowerPoint, I have vidoes (Mpegs) on the slideshow when I watch it on my tv while recording the video’s (Mpegs) don’t play?

Any ideas how to fix this problem?

Thank you

I have read your mail many times and did not figure out what are you doing?
What is the relation between capture card and VHS. If you are trying to record VHS to mpeg via capture card one of the problems you may get will be copy protection set on a number of commercial VHS. In this case you need macro remover. Also check the size of mpegs you’ve got, maybe they are empty?

He’s not trying to capture from VHS, he’s trying to record onto VHS. I don’t understand the whole powerpoint thing…

Depending on your video card setup- I have noticed that if you are using a TV or even a second monitor, most of the time video players will not display the image on a secondary monitor/TV. You need to make the TV your primary monitor, somehow.

  1. I have a dual monitor setup and I can only watch DVD’s on the left side (number 1 monitor)

  2. I have a laptop that I hooked up to a TV and could not get the video to show up on the TV, only on the laptop’s display. I could see the black window where the video should have been.

Hope that helps…

I know whats going on. The output hardware is not support mpeg playback. I see this alot with some notebooks. Convert that video to other formats, wmv or avi then try the playback and see if it shows up.