Recording To Slow

Im Trying To Open The Common Setting Menu In My Dvd Fab Platinum To See If I Can Speed Up My Recording Time Before I Downloaded The Program I Use To Record Way Faster I Dont Know Why Its So Slow Now Please Help The Common Setting Button Wont Open Thanks

Hi JAMTRAXDJ and welcome to cdfreaks,

The “Common settings” won’t open while the app is running.
If it won’t open at all, I’d uninstall Fab and install from a new download.
The latest version of platinum has a bug. Users are reporting crashes, etc., when attempting to burn from files ripped to the hdd.
I can’t speak specifically to your “slow burn” issue…I’m using v. Beta.
You may want to consider reverting to this version…the decrypting code is up to date.

Hope this helps.

Thank You

Fab will not record faster than what your media is rated for no matter what you set the speed.