Recording to printable CD

Our church uses a Tascam CD recorder to record the preacher’s sermons. My question is this. Is it safe to use a Ink Jet Printable CD in the recorder for recording the sermon?

The sermons last approximated 45 minutes, and I was not sure if the coating on the ink jet CD could withstand the heat generated by the recorder during the recording process.

We use Taiyo Yuden Silver coated ink jet printable CD’s for printing the title on the cd’s after recording them. I just thought it would be quicker if we were able to record directly to the Ink Jet printable cds.

Thanks for any help you might be able to supply on my question.


Hi and Welcome!

if your recorder can handle “ordinary” blank CD-R (and not only the expensive “CD-R for Audio” variety), then there is no problem to use printable media for your recordings.

I don’t think, heat is an issue with such recorders, but I am not 100% sure. Does your normally used media feel hot after removing from the recorder? This might be a rough indication.
It would be another idea to contact Tascam technical support - they should know what media does work in their hardware.

To play safe, you can record to the media you normally use and then create a copy to the printables using a computer. This might take 10 additional minutes of time - and you have a backup copy after processing :slight_smile:


I seem to remember that unit requires low speed media because it does record “live”. You might contact Microboards Technology’s support about. I don’t think the printable part is the issue, more the media. Most of the low speed stuff is home audio/consumer audio…I know we have had to order it before from MAM-A just for this purpose. I would check with tech support.

Thanks for both responses. I went ahead and took a chance and recorded onto the Taiyo Yuden Inkjet Printable CD and it worked fine. There is no noticeable heat on the CD that I see, so I guess everything is fine. I just was not sure.

Thanks again for the help. I appreciate it.


Would probably be better to record first and then print.
The ink jet printing can smear if you print first and then record.