Recording times at 4x, 6x and 8x

I noticed in the reviews of 6x and 4x writers that (BD-R) media written at 6x seemed to be written hardly any faster than media written at 4x, across different writers. Recording times always seemed to be about 21 to 22 mins. For example:

[li]LG GGW-H20L: Verbatim media were written at 6x in 21m:45s
[/li][li]LG GBW-H20L: Verbatim media were written at 6x in 21m:24s
[/li][li]LG GBW-H20L: Panasonic media were written at 4x in 22m:30s
[/li][li]Sony BWU-200S: Verbatim media were written at 4x in 22m:56s
Does this reflect actual use and the experience of people here? Is 6x really not faster than 4x at all? A difference of one minute does not really feel “faster” if the whole session takes over 20 mins… How about 8x, is that going to offer any actual recording time improvements? Oh, and: If I am correct, why is 6x not that much faster than 4x?

Recording on 8x with the matsushita drive-> 13:44. =>
Taking P-CAV into account that is quite close to the half of your 4x times.

The reason why the difference is so small for the LG drive is the following.
4x is CLV which means that it burns the disc at a constant speed.

Incase of the 6x writing speed on the LG the drive uses CAV, the drive will start at 2x and slowly speeds up to 6x. From 2x to 6x at the end will result in a speed close to 4x overall. WHich explains why there is no big difference.

It purely has to do with the drive and the writing methods it uses.
As you can see the Matsushita drive does cut the time by allmost 40% on 8x compared to 4x.

Keep in mind the higher speeds are only possible at CAV or P-CAV modes, because there will be to high rotation speed at the beging for the media to burn at 8x or higher.

Thank you for the info and the very interesting link! That explains it nicely. So it would really make sense to go for the Panasonic/Buffalo 8x-drive for higher actual recording speed. BD-R DL in 27m:22s… :eek: :bow:

Here are some whispers on 12x speeds.

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