Recording speed



I would like to know how can I burn a Dvd at 2x.
I own a LG-GSA-4163B Dvd writer, and I use Maxell 8X, Ritek 8X Dvd media.
I know that if I use a 4x dvd I can burn at 2X, but why it’s impossible with an 8x dvd. I use Easy Dvd media creator 7 and Nero Burning Rom


It’s not impossible but makes not really a big sense…

Check the media info using a tool like DVDInforo etc.
This will show you the info which burnspeeds are supported by the media.

Could be also a software limitation.
I’d suggest to test it using DVDDecrypter (THE BEST!).


Thanks, I’ll try !
The reason is that isn’t it true that the slower the better ???


This rule does not apply to dvd-burning. Period.