Recording software with queues

I was wondering if there was some recording software that I could have a queue of cds to be burned. Something like nero but when you pushed the burn button you could add it to some sort of queue then some time in the future burn the queue one cd at a time. Also, it’d be nice if it supported mulitiple cd burners burning different cds at the same time.

Its probably not exactly what you ask for but still a suggestion:

  1. You can create different compilations with nero and save them as nri files to be burned later on

  2. You can open several instances of nero at once and burn simultaneously different compilations

Thanks for the reply, it might be a good idea. I’ll try it out

That helps a little, but not really what I want. I want to be able to be watching tv or doing something else and when a cd drive opens, I take the cd out, put it in a stack and put a new cd in then it will burn the next cd in the queue.

Well i dont know anything that can do it this way, if anyone does then i’d love to know about it too :slight_smile: