Recording software - Opinions wanted - Please


This may be a really open ended question as I certain everyone has their likes (most comfortable with) and dislikes (experienced problems in the past) about recording software.

But, in your opinions, what is the best recording software?
I have a Plextor 716SA


It all depends on what you are recording. Are you copying movies, downloading files, backing up your system? Need more info, and you still will probably get back such a variety of opinions, that you will be just as confused. But, post back more info, and we’ll see what happens!

For general recording I can highly recommend Nero Burning Rom, I switched from Easy CD Cre(m)ator about a year and a half ago and never looked back.

nero and alcohol 120% depending on my project.

I like Nero

What is it you are recording?

Data and Audio - Nero
Audio alone - Nero or CloneCD(for an easy 1:1 copy)

I agree !
If you don’t want to make mistakes… Nero Package…
Nero Burning Rom for Audio and Data, and Nero Recode for DVD compression and burning… in my oppinion its the fastest and safest option…

As a complement… I think DVD Decrypter is the best option in order to work with ISO files (creating and burning DVD images), in case you are copying an already compressed (4.7) DVD. I do it when I make copies of my own recorded DVDs. ISO files are the best way to assure the new copy will be just like the source. Because the P-UOPs (Prohibited User Operations) are usualy removed (default option in most compression softwares - and I always forget to disable it :slight_smile: ), allowing incompatible actions in some standalone players and making some menus functionalities stop working…

Thanks for the responses everyone above. :slight_smile:

Basically I will be recording Audio and Data files. I thought Nero would be the choice, but I was uncertain if there was something better out there in the market or not. So, I made the purchase yesterday for Nero (also CompUSA “had” a 50$ instant rebate which helped as well).

Thanks again.