Recording socom3 on my ps2



Magnavox MRV640 Progressive Scan DVD Recorder

This is the only DVD recorder I could find that has componet outputs and inputs. My reason for needing componet outputs and inputs was soley for the intention of recording a playstation game that I play online (socom3). So I hook the set of componet cables up to the input slots in the DVD recorder, and another set of componets both male ends from output on the dvd recorder to the Componet1 slot on my TV. Now I goto CMP1 on my tv and its fine, the game loads, then when the game asks if I would like to play in progressive scan mode 480p I hit yes and the screen splits vertically down the middle. Now this is only weird because whenever I hook up my componet cables from my ps2 directly to my TV, and my game asks if I want to play in progressive scan mode 480p, I hit yes and its perfect.
Could I have the wires mixed up? Maybe try hoooking up my ps2 componet cables up to my TV on componet1 and the other set from componet2 to my dvd recorder and try that? I also turned on the pscan mode ON on my dvd recorder and that dident help. There has to be a solution to this, any ideas? Maybe my componet cables arent compatiable? This is the TV I have,RCA 52" Widescreen Projection HDTV, HD52W59.


You are not going to be able to copy a game using a standalone recorder. You will need a PC and a modded PS2 to make & play copied games.


I know that. Im not trying to copy one. I want to record ingame footage of me actually playing it. Everytime I switch my game to progressive scan it splits the screen down the middle. When I switch it back its fine. I know the recorder works in progressive scan because my friend has his hooked up the same way.


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Made a suggestion that progressive scan might not work in record mode, then read his friend’s setup does… :o