Recording Sky on DVD

I have a Lite-On DVD Recorder and have it connected to a Sky box. I have scanned channels and it picks up terrestrial TV but does not see Sky. Sky is connected via a SCART cable. If I click on the SCART channel it is a black screen and nothing happens. I have configured it for “TV Bypass allowed” in the TV Tuner configuration page.
Can anyone offer specific connection advise to connect to a TV (2 SCART connections) and also a SKY box (basic SKY - not a SKY+ box)


I have an LG HD/DVD recorder and have no problems making recordings. I am not familiar with your machine but on mine I had to step through several AV channels to find sky.
You can also try another cable or component input?

on my lite-on, my sky is in the TV section, channel 5, are you sure its tuned in all your channels?, was your sky switched on when you tuned it in?

My SKY was turned on, so not sure why it did not find it. Do you think it worth scanning again? I am pretty sure the connection is OK - a straight scart cable from Sky box into DVD connected, selected the TV Bypass allowed option. Do you have to enable anything else to be able to see the SCART link to the sky box? Cant see what else to do.

i’d go for another scan

Scanning won’t pick up your $ky box if the only connection you use from $ky box to recorder is SCART. For the recorder to pick-up the $ky box during a scan, the $ky box must be switched on and connected using the RF (aerial) leads. However the box can be made to appear in the channel list by using the procedure in the manual (page 26 in mine) entitled "setting decoder"
Hope this helps.