Recording shows

Is it legal to record. . .say. . a football game and then give the DVD to a friend so he can watch it at his house? Thanks.

personally, I think it is perfectly fine to do so.

NFL Football?

No, it is not legal as far as i know, HOWEVER there is no chance in hell of anyone caring at all, on a scale of illegality it’s somewhere between spitting and breaking wind.

Hehe, this reminds me of the Family Guy where Peter recorded Monday Night Football with only the expressed written consent of ABC.

Seriously though, there is absolutely no problem with recording shows for home use.

I saw that episode too; hopefully it was just a tv show, you never can tell with Big Brother watching and listening and reading…oh oh i’m done for now. :cop:

Haha thanks guys, for the response. A friend of mine is a little weary when it comes to recording. I was asking him if he’d record the Michigan Wolverine games for me this football season and he wasn’t sure, nor was I, if it was legal to do that for me. Thanks.

That is true, for PERSONAL home use, but he is making a copy for someone else.

@ NewMasterpiece - I wouldn’t worry about it, but I would keep these kind of things to myself in the future. :iagree:

Somehow i cant see the FBI breaking your door down and asking you if you have recorded any football matches lately…
Is it legal well depends where you come from as different countries have different laws…