Recording setting for tv watching? Any diff?

I record alot from tv to dvd. I do this at the LOWEST setting (352 x 240) and for my eyes, watching on tv, I see no difference from the direct viewing verses the recordings. And this low setting looks the same as watching pre recorded dvd’s (720 x 480). So the tv is the weakest point on this resolution chain and until high definition tv arrives in a few years I assume this to be true?

For discussion/analysis purposes, I take standard tv broadcast (NTSC) to be about 540 lines of resolution and with overscan and such this might drop to about 480 or so? VCR supposedly has about 440 lines of resolution. And the dvd’s I am recording have on 352 line of resolution. I think I should be able to see some sort of annoying artifacts when playing these different sources back thru my tv ((52 inch Panasonic rear projection)) but I don’t. Now, I do see the quality differences when viewing these sources on my computer monitor (ie high def).

1===>Is this difference actually noticeable to the average tv viewer and I’m just not sensitive to it, or is the difference just not there for some other reason?

I ask the above because my new ILO 05 recorder has a loud buzz through its tv tuner. The recommendation is simply to view and record thru the composite connections using a vcr as a tuner. I tried this and it works===but recording from the vcr tuner “should” drop the lines of resolution and not be as good as using a dvd recorder with a good tuner? Again, “I” don’t see any difference but wonder if I will be dissappointed in a few years when all this material gets played thru an upcoding dvd player to my new high def tv. I’d like to keep all the dvd’s I’m making now and wonder if I should be using high resolution settings and sources even though right now I can’t see the difference on my tv.

thanks, bobbo.

VHS is something like 440 lines, but the signal that the VCR passes through to the TV should have the same properties as the original CATV signal.

Ok, that makes sense and is just like the “pass thru” the dvd recorders also have. That answers that. You’d think in 2005 that ILO would know how to select a tuner that did not introduce any humm into the signal but I went thru 5 machines and they all had it. Service department said they weren’t supposed to. Interesting what the gulag is required to say. (((That also explains why the pass thru signal from the dvd that I do use from the ILO does not introduce any hum to the downstream vcr’s I have hooked up to it. “How ironic!”)))

Thanks again.