Recording Radio to the Computer

I have a computer with a Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum Sound Card. I want to hook up a left and right audio out from my receiver to my computer so that I can record the music. Currently this is how I’m doing it. I have an ATI All in Wonder video card. I have the RCA cables from the receiver hooked up to the input block for the ATI card. This input block then connects to the video card. I use the program Advanced Sound Recorder to record the music while running my ATI software to capture the sound (a very long unneeded process). Sound is only recorded this way if in Audio Sound Recorder I choose Analog Mix as the input method. Playback is nice and loud but is not crisp. it kinda crackles. I’ve tried connecting the RCA cables directly to the left & right audio in on the front panel of my Audigy Platinum(auxillary 2). Sound plays through the speakers, but when recording with Audio Sound Recorder I only get sound if I choose auxillary 2 as an input method in Audio Sound Recorder. This produces a very low sounding output. When recording, the program shows the input strength. I only get input strength when choosing auxillary 2 when connected to the sound card and the strength is very low. when using the first method, I only get input strength when using the analog mix input method and the input strength is great, but output isn’t all too good. How do I go about recording off the radio connecting directly to the audio in on the front panel of my Sound Card?

I don’t know why you hooked up to the video card. I hook my reciver’s RCA jacks to a adapter to 1/8 inch sterio jack, and plug that in to the audio input. Some computers have a seperate audio card, and some have built in audio. The blue jack is the line-in. On a different computer I have the tape deck out put hooked up the same way.
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I’ll give it a try. Only reason I hooked it up to my video card was because it wouldn’t work properly connected to the front bexel of my Sound Blaster Audigy. A few questions. Do you have the left and right audio coming from the stereo going to 1 mini jack into the sound card or do you have 2 inputs to the sound card(line in 1 & 2)? If just one line in, does it still record in stereo or is it mono? Also, what program do you use to record the music and what settings?


I have 6 computers all have a blue 1/8 inch Sterio jack as the the input. If you are in the US, you can buy an adapter at Radio Shack. 2 RCA jacks to the 1/8 inch sterio jack.
Here is a link;
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