Recording question (Magnavox MRV810H DVD/HDD 160GB)

[qanda]This thread is about the Magnavox MRV810H DVD/HDD 160GB. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]How to hook up to record from one dvd player to another

Err … just one question … [B][I][U]Why?[/U][/I][/B] :confused:

DVD’s generally last approximately 2 hrs, and you have to spend 2 hrs using two devices, and you are converting digital to analogue, then analogue back to digital … and then you have to worry about whether it’s macrovision protected, and whether it requires a Dual layer Disc instead of a single layer DVD …

Just copy the DVD on a PC with a dvdwriter … it takes about 10minutes.
Doing a digital copy, you get to keep the high quality digital video, high quality digital multi-channel audio, menus, indexes, special features & etc …

Assuming you STILL want to proceed with the much more difficult & vastly inferior method, you can use the component (or composite) video out + stereo audio out on your DVD player and then connect them with 5x (or 3x) RCA cables to your recorder.
Press record & press play.

If your recorded picture is just static, just black or continually fades light & dark, the content you are attempting to copy cannot be copied via this method due to macrovision content protection, and you will need a macrovision signal removal device which were popular around about the time that dragons went extinct :stuck_out_tongue: