Recording problems

Hello there hope someone can help me I’ve been changing mp3 to wave so I can record it onto a cd to play on my stereo. But when I try to play it back theres no volume,but it does look as if its playing. I have recorded cd’s before i dont know what Ive donewrong.

How did you do it? (software, burner, OS…)

Anyway, Nero automatically converts your MP3 to WAV and burn properly a music CD. Let’s try it.

What did you use to burn the image. You did choose Audio mode right, NOT data mode?

Thanks for getting back to me. I use roxy easy cd creater Ive used it before all the time in fact and its fine just lately Ive been having this problem. It plays ok on the computer once Ive changed it to a wave file but not once I put it onto a cd.
I dont know if this may help you but when i put the cd in the cd drive and check the properties of the wave file Its coming up a CDA FILE

you’ll have to try another program to detect if it’s hardware or software related.

Feurio is the best audio burning program, it’s small (2,3MB) and it only burns CD-Audio discs (what you need to play in your car). Check if you burner is supported: