Recording Problems with sumvision sv - 1000

Hi, just bought one of these machines and recorded my first disk but noticed that on playback that the audio & picture has “jumping” problems about every 10 seconds or so. When i played same disk in pc its perfect !! does anyone else have this problem (or found solution) ?
PS i recorded from sky…



:sad: :sad: :sad:

Assuming you made the recording on the Sumvision, what brand (and media ID if possible) of discs are you using?

Yeah on sumvision and recording was done at HQ on “Hyundai” 8x disk…


These discs are regarded as crap, perhaps even fake, and you should try again with a decent brand such as Verbatim.

See here:

… for more experiences with Hyundai discs.

ok bud cheers will give that a try.

I have the same problem… but when playing normal DVDs… the picture and sound jump every few seconds, is there anything I can do to fix it? or will I have to send it back… plays normal CDs fine, records fine (tested on another player when recorded)… just playback that’s like this.