Recording problem

I been trying to make some backup of my movies and so far I have 3 coasters. I am using the RiTek -R’s. I am using DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink and Nero. It goes through its burning process but when I go to play the DVD either on my computer or house DVD Player It’s shows up as a blank disc.

The Sony’s DVD-R I had no problems with. I bought 10 DVD-R of the sony’s and not one was a coaster. I used the sony’s the same way I tried with the RiTek-R’s.

My DVD is a Oporite DD0203

from a quick judgement seems that your dvd recorder doesnt like ritek dvd media. However, do a firmware update for your recorder, and then try to burn again. Also choose sony dvd discs cause as you said you had no problems. If they are too expensive try “that’s write” brand.

Ritek media exists in all manner of different grades, from the great to the downright awful.

A little more information on the type of disc you have (printing on the upper surface, and whether there’s any visible problems with the recording layer) would help.