Recording problem with Panasonic DVD-VHS recorder

I am having trouble with my Panasonic VHS-DVD recorder

so I play a dvd and it says its playing, I hit record and it says ‘recording’ but I know its not because usually the VHS plays while it is recording on the DVD. All of the INPUT are blue. I have tried switching out the color-coded cords and putting a new color-coded cords from a previous machine and put them where they go- red into red, white into white… still nothing.

Its a Panasonic. I don’t know what more else I can do unless its broken internally perhaps.
I have tried to look behind the TV and all the plugs but its so dark and its so tight spaced its impossible.

please help someone and please speak English and speak step-by-step

What is the model number of this unit? How long have you had it? Is this problem something that was working fine for you previously with this unit?

Please tell us exactly what you are trying to do, and what you are using in terms of tapes and discs?

I don’t know how long its been going on but afew years ago I’m going to say 2008/9 I copied my home movies on plain VHS to DVD and it worked 100% successfully

Model #DMR-ES40V
Discs I am using Memorex R- (I have used these to record my home videos from VHS on and worked fine)

Ok this is what I do. From the book it says to: 1. turn it on, enter VHS and enter in blank dvd. 2. Press the ‘record’ button on device for 3-6 seconds and it says ‘recording’ or I guess ‘dubbing’ from the VHS… however the VHS before played it at the same time. This time is just says record and the VHS is not playing as it “records” ; its still a blue screen. I check all of the Input and all are blue.
I will put the DVD record input on ‘IN2’ ‘IN1’ and then I will out the tv input on the very same input and nothing.

If you put a recorded VHS tape in the machine, will it play the tape without problems?